This is a guest post by Munich, Germany author Christine Louise Hohlbaum.

The sales lady pulled my dress across the counter, quickly removing the security tag while scanning the price tag into the register. I noticed the hole immediately.

Not wanting to make a big deal out of it, I pulled the dress closer and pointed it out to the clerk.

“I’m sorry, but I can’t buy this. See this hole?”

It was an uncomfortable moment that could have been embarrassing for both of us. Instead, the sales lady apologized profusely, then made like she was going to look for another one on the rack.

Before she could, I assured her there were no others in my size. Without missing a beat, she pointed me in the direction of a neighboring store that carried the same line of clothing.

“Try your luck there.”

I was impressed with her helpfulness and promised myself I would pay her back somehow. So I marched over to the department store, had to ask several people for the right section and finally got to the rack I needed. But not before I discovered other items I had looked for elsewhere and not found.

“This is synchronicity at work!” I exclaimed as I happily purchased the dress and other things. That was when I heard a small voice within speak.

“You must go back to the first store and thank the sales clerk.”

My every day self balked.

“Are you kidding? Let bygones be bygones. Don’t bring it up again. It will only stir the pot.”

But I ignored that part of myself as I knew I was about to do something inner voice-based. And that inner voice is never wrong.

I saw the sales clerk right away. She seemed to recognize me as I walked in.

“Thanks so much for the tip. I got the dress after all!” I smiled widely at her. And she gave me the warmest smile back. I could see a heavy load lift from her shoulders. Maybe it was guilt. Maybe it was shame. Whatever it was, it was no longer there, but had tumbled to the ground and away from her.

I carried her smile on my face for another half hour.

Intuition is your divinity speaking. How often do you listen?

Christine Louise Hohlbaum, author of THE POWER OF SLOW: 101 WAYS TO SAVE TIME IN OUR 24/7 WORLD, blogs about lifestyle topics at Join her in the conversation of why slow is faster and fast is merely exhausting.

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