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Guest: Jim Wawro — Author, speaker, and trial lawyer

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Jim’s Latest Book:

AWAKENING COUNSEL: A Practical Guide to Creating the Life You Want to Live

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Radio Interviews: with Dolores Cannon @ http://activateintuition.com/about-author/; with Gabriella Kortsch of Marbella, Spain @ http://bit.ly/9UBCkj; with Tina Ferguson of Plano, Texas @ http://bit.ly/84lBj (1/13/11); with Dr CJ Henius of Scottsdale, Arizona @ http://bit.ly/TNE7BO.

Introduction Broadcast Bio:

How would you like to get “gut feelings” for exactly what to do to easily move toward your business goals? What would your life be like if you started receiving strong and accurate inner guidance on the important decisions in your life, like decisions about career changes, relationships, and financial matters? How much fun would it be to have an inner voice that you trusted on everyday decisions, and to have it lead you with coincidence and serendipity to exactly where you wanted to be in life?

With us today we have Jim Wawro, author of ASK YOUR INNER VOICE and of the new book, AWAKENING COUNSEL: A Practical Guide to Creating the Life You Want to Live. He suggests that you were born with intuition, but, if you’re like most, you simply haven’t tapped into it. His new book reveals the secrets to calling on your inner wisdom when you need answers to your most pressing questions, including questions of finance, relationships, and health.

Welcome, Jim. My first question is how did a trial lawyer end up writing a book about intuition?

10 Most Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. How did a trial lawyer end up writing a book about intuition?
  2. How would you define intuition and where does it come from?
  3. What does science have to say about intuition?
  4. Does everyone experience inner guidance?
  5. How can you tell your inner voice from your usual inner monologue?
  6. How can you access your inner wisdom when you need it?
  7. Do you have to meditate to get in touch with your intuition?
  8. How can the reader tell whether what the book recommends is right?
  9. How can people develop their intuition?
  10. What happened to you when you followed your inner voice?

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For scheduling contact:

Jim Wawro

1241 Johnson Ave, Suite 317

San Luis Obispo, CA 93401


The purpose of this website and the book Ask Your Inner Voiceis to educate and entertain. James Wawro is not engaged in rendering medical, legal, or other professional services. If medical, legal, or other expert assistance is required, the services of a competent professional should be sought. This website and Ask Your Inner Voice can generally familiarize users with the highly specialized, complex subject of intuition, but in no way claim to fully teach the techniques described. Therefore, personal instruction is recommended. Additional information

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