“Jim Wawro’s book illustrates the wisdom of the Winston Churchill remark, ‘we make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.’ Jim made a living in the law, what he gives back in this book is how to make a life. I recommend this book to anyone who wants to make a difference in the world.”— BARRY SEARS, #1 New York Times Bestselling Author, The Zone.

“To follow your heart and listen to your intuition is the path to true success.  Jim Wawro, an awakened lawyer, enthusiastically shares his story and guidance in his new book Awakening Counsel.”—NINA PAUL, PHD, Author, Reiki for Dummies.

“Jim Wawro brilliantly demonstrates how to invoke the universal laws of intuition, manifestation, and healing. Whether you wish to better understand yourself or the world, Awakening Counsel is a clear map for doing so.”—GABRIELLA KORTSCH, PH.D, Author, Rewiring the Soul.

“It’s rare to find such honest advice in such an accessible and easy-to-read format. Jim Wawro openly shares his own life stories and lessons in ways that help us touch our own intuitive voice. He helps us see that our intuition is speaking to us all the time if we will only listen!”–ALAN SEALE, Author, Create A World That Works.

“. . . couldn’t put it down. . . .–Amazon Customer Review.

Ask Your Inner Voice is an excellent, smart guide to discovering and using your inner wisdom. In the words of author James Wawro, ‘Try it!’ You’ll benefit in ways you cannot now imagine. Abundance awaits!” — ROSEMARY GUILEY, PH.D. Author: Breakthrough Intuition: How to Achieve a Life of Abundance by Listening to the Voice Within.

“Perhaps there is nothing more important than learning to make decisions based not on fear, but on listening to the voice within, the voice of love. This is a remarkable book that helps us find our way.” — GERALD JAMPOLSKY, M.D. Author: Love is Letting; Go of Fear; Forgiveness: The Greatest Healer of All.

“. . . a ground-breaking . . . ‘How To’ with so many . . . helpful and uplifting . . . examples. I am sure it will be a tremendous help to many, many souls.” — EILEEN CADDY. Founder: The Findhorn Foundation; Author: The Findhorn Garden; God Spoke to Me.

“Wawro has written a well-researched, inspirational book about hearing the voice within. Read and study this book, and try it for yourself. Anyone can hear the ‘still small voice’ of inner wisdom and receive its guidance. You can, too!”—SUSAN SHUMSKY, Author, How to Hear the Voice of God and Divine Revelation.

Book Reviews

Sometimes, words come up from very deep within us. Somehow, we can sense they are different from our other thoughts. They may come in the form of an instruction, or a phrase of special wisdom. If we heed them, ensuing events always prove how absolutely right these words were. This guidebook is about how to make a stronger connection with that inner voice, how to recognize, contact, test and listen to it, and when to rely on it. [Ask Your Inner Voice] is illustrated with over 80 true inner-voice stories, including interviews with Oprah Winfrey and Neale Donald Walsch.—Cygnus Books (UK).

Ignoring yourself isn’t the best way to go through life. Ask Your Inner Voice is a guide to listening to that voice inside your head, your consciousness, and using it to find your way through life and gain a greater understanding of it and everything around it. Listening to it, understanding it, and more, Ask Your Inner Voice is a fine pick for those who want to understand what they truly want and understand what their mind is trying to say.—Midwest Book Review (Wis.)

I loved reviewing this 153 page book and everything it stands for. As a spiritual adviser, I have told many of my client’s about the importance of reaching inward and connecting to the wisdom of our inner self. So it was a miracle to be able to have this jam packed guide to show them the way, and I must say I learned a lot for myself in the process. I fell right in love with the author’s direct and caring approach. The format was easy to follow and the directions were straightforward and simple to understand. I thought the “try its” were inspired and so supportive. I would recommend this intuitive instructor to anyone wanting a fool proof way of finding and accessing that still small voice. Thanks  James, for the blessed road map.—Mystic Living Today eZine (U.S.)

Reader Reviews

“This book takes the reader on an inspiring quest for the Inner Voice, starting off with conscience and its part in rightful action, moving to intuition and hunches which enable us to make appropriate decisions, towards inspiration and inner guidance as an effective tool in a chosen field of expression. The thorny question of discernment is discussed; how can we trust what we hear? How do we formulate precise questions in order to receive clear answers? . . . Clearly [written] from deep personal experience, a number of practical examples are given and writing exercises suggested. Inspiring quotes from well known authors, as well as many testimonials from people who have had startling experiences and insights prove that we are not only equipped with intuition, but that we have access to divinely inspired guidance and an inner connection to the whole of Creation. . . .”—London, England customer review from Amazon.

“I have found that following up on hunches, feelings or listening to my inner voice produces much better answers to questions than if I simply rely on logic. This book teaches how to access that inner knowledge found inside each of us and encourages the reader to follow that inner guidance in order to live a more peaceful, satisfying life. There are exercises that teach you how to do it and true stories contributed by people illustrating how accessing their inner voice helped them make the best decisions. Highly recommended.”—Los Osos, California customer review from Amazon.

“With a style that brings to mind both the insightful aphorisms of an Eric Hoffer and the philosopical narrative skills of a Loren Eisely, Wawro succeeds in fusing anecdotes and insights from a wide variety of sources to address timeless questions about intuition/conscience/inner knowledge. In a world continually searching for answers, he creatively and pragmatically stresses the importance of formulating the “right” questions to ask oneself. Laced with an eclectic set of insights drawn from everything from the Bible to Michael Jordan, he creatively has devised exercises for the reader to better access their inner knowledge to both make better decisions and live a more satisfying life. I highly recommend the book..”—Washington, D.C. customer review from Amazon.

“The Inner Voice that is both subject and goal of this book is not the ongoing conversation we’re always having with ourselves, nor is it our conscience (which usually tells us No). It is a deep inner knowing that transcends the mundane, that helps us achieve wisdom, that can satisfy our deep yearning for union: pure consciousness, connection to the Oneness of all existence. How can you and I possibly reach this level? The author, a retired lawyer, analyzes the topic with precision and breaks it down into its component parts. He supports his conclusions with anecdotes from not only gurus but ordinary people as well, demonstrating that anyone prepared to work at it can achieve the “richness, color and passion in life [that] come from heeding that inner voice.”—Auckland, NZ customer review from Amazon.

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