Develop Your Intuition for Everyday Success

You were born with intuition – the power you need in any given moment to make the right choice, to solve a problem, to gain a creative insight, to tell right from wrong, or to simply make a wise decision with confidence.

You had the high creativity that comes with intuition when you were a child. But, if you’re like most, some combination of school, society, and your upbringing caused you to put this sixth sense on the back burner and instead to rely on logic and your five senses.

Well, if you want, that’s about to change.

How would you like to get “gut feelings” for exactly what to do to easily move toward your business goals? What would your life be like if you started receiving strong and accurate inner guidance on the important decisions in your life, like decisions about career changes, relationships, and financial matters? How much fun would it be to have an inner voice that you trusted on everyday decisions, and to have it lead you with coincidence and serendipity to exactly where you wanted to be in life? How satisfying would it be for your inner wisdom to guide you to immediate and lasting improvements in your relationships?

All of that can be yours if you are willing to ease up a little on your resistance to intuition, and simply let it be.

How can you ease up on your resistance to your own inner wisdom? Awakening Counsel and Ask Your Inner Voice lay out the simple secrets people have learned to use to call on their inner wisdom just when they need it. Both books show through real life stories the proven steps to connecting with your own inner wisdom.

To start experiencing the benefits of inner guidance, Ask Your Inner Voice.

Try it!

“Jim Wawro’s book illustrates the wisdom of the Winston Churchill remark, ‘we make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.’ Jim made a living in the law, what he gives back in this book is how to make a life. I recommend this book to anyone who wants to make a difference in the world.”— BARRY SEARS, #1 New York Times Bestselling Author, The Zone.

“. . . couldn’t put it down. . . .–Amazon Customer Review.

“To follow your heart and listen to your intuition is the path to true success.  Jim Wawro, an awakened lawyer, enthusiastically shares his story and guidance in his new book Awakening Counsel.”—NINA PAUL, PHD, Author, Reiki for Dummies.

“Jim Wawro brilliantly demonstrates how to invoke the universal laws of intuition, manifestation, and healing. Whether you wish to better understand yourself or the world, Awakening Counsel is a clear map for doing so.”—GABRIELLA KORTSCH, PH.D, Author, Rewiring the Soul.

“It’s rare to find such honest advice in such an accessible and easy-to-read format. Jim Wawro openly shares his own life stories and lessons in ways that help us touch our own intuitive voice. He helps us see that our intuition is speaking to us all the time if we will only listen!”–ALAN SEALE, Author, Create A World That Works.

“Wawro has written a well-researched, inspirational book about hearing the voice within. Read and study this book, and try it for yourself. Anyone can hear the ‘still small voice’ of inner wisdom and receive its guidance. You can, too!”—SUSAN SHUMSKY, Author, How to Hear the Voice of God and Divine Revelation.

Ask Your Inner Voice is an excellent, smart guide to discovering and using your inner wisdom. In the words of author James Wawro, ‘Try it!’ You’ll benefit in ways you cannot now imagine. Abundance awaits!” — ROSEMARY GUILEY, PH.D. Author: Breakthrough Intuition: How to Achieve a Life of Abundance by Listening to the Voice Within.

“. . . a ground-breaking . . . ‘How To’ with so many . . . helpful and uplifting . . . examples. I am sure it will be a tremendous help to many, many souls.” — EILEEN CADDY. Founder: The Findhorn Foundation; Author: The Findhorn Garden; God Spoke to Me.

“Perhaps there is nothing more important than learning to make decisions based not on fear, but on listening to the voice within, the voice of love. This is a remarkable book that helps us find our way.” — GERALD JAMPOLSKY, M.D. Author: Love is Letting; Go of Fear; Forgiveness: The Greatest Healer of All.

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